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The cost & time-saving benefits of GeoMax transformed the way Terra Measurement work

“Right from the start GeoMax technical and service teams have always been proactive, committed to finding the right solution for us,” says Andy Beardsley.

Terra Measurement Limited provides geospatial surveys to UK and international customers across 20 industries. Like many senior managers, managing director Andy Beardsley understands the efficiency challenge of time vs. cost that customers are facing constantly. Sourcing the right technology partner to deliver both, as well as precision data accuracy, is not easy.

In 2014, just after GeoMax launched fully in the UK and Ireland, Terra Measurement was on the look-out for a new solution for their own expanding business. Impressed by the breadth of functionality and ease of use from GeoMax, the decision to switch was easy. Once in use, the GeoMax Zoom80 total station, with controller running X-PAD software and Zenith 25 GNSS receiver completely changed the way the company worked. “The Zoom 80, used as a robotic instrument with X-PAD on the pole, was very useful for high level surveys like rail overlap for network rail specifications,” remembers Andy Beardsley, managing director of Terra Measurement Limited.

The team moved from more data processing in the office to far richer data collection in the field using X-PAD software which has a comprehensive code library and GIS attribute data.

Working with Andy and his team, GeoMax and software developers LSE collaborated with McCarthy Taylor Systems to export rich survey data into their LSS software using their own load file format. This is one of many examples of where clients have worked directly with GeoMax to optimise and localise the product basket for the UK and Ireland markets.

“Right from the start GeoMax technical and service teams have always been proactive, committed to finding the right solution for us,” says Andy Beardsley. “They listen to our needs and work with us, never at arms-length. The expanded software options, adaptive interface across Android and other instruments gives us the flexibility and is cost effective too”.

Today Andy’s team continues to reap the benefits of several next generation Zoom90 Total Stations with X-PAD Ultimate software functionality and have adjusted their workflow to further increase productivity.

“People get used to doing something a certain way can be reluctant to change – I am always encouraging change and innovation at Terra” explains Andy Beardsley. “After a period of adjustment my team was full of praise for the GeoMax approach.

“It was a refreshing change to find efficiencies in doing things a different way. The Zoom90 Total Station with X-PAD has some excellent additional functionality.”

Terra Measurement collaborates with many different types of clients. From rail to road infrastructure, rural planning to mineral extraction, heritage to the US Navy, providing survey specifications that help to improve project efficiency and reduce costs. GeoMax is now part of that mix, supporting Terra in their best practice survey consultancy with the most important part of the build process, that is providing expertise and also best value.

GeoMax Zoom90 Total Station with Zenith25 is the preferred instrument for topographical engineering surveys delivering high accuracy. In recent times some of Terra Measurement’s activities include numerous critical rail and highways projects as key workers and the primary crusher project at the multi-million investment project for Tarmac at Mountsorrel Quarry. Both are good examples where state-of-the-art technology from the GeoMax instruments allows teams to deliver accurate surveys, saving time and money while giving the customer great value.

Using GNSS in different environments and working with different clients is a challenge for any customer. Terra Measurement have benefitted from the Zenith25 Pro GSM-UHF which can easily and quickly be switched between a net rover, or radio rover receiving corrections from either a GeoMax or third-party base station. The Zenith25 can also seamlessly become a base itself, set up on a known position or defining its own and then transmitting corrections via its own internal radio in a variety of standard formats. This functionality is available on all GeoMax GSM-UHF GNSS receivers. Terra Measurement often use the radio functionality for environments with no data network or for higher accuracy site specific coordinate systems.

Terra Measurement is keen to build upon the partnership with GeoMax into the future, benefitting from the new technology innovations tailored to their need.

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