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Q&A: Five minutes with Sam Lewis, survey manager at Greenhatch Group

We have been working in partnership now for four years. How has GeoMax helped your business to grow?

Our relationship with GeoMax over the past four years has gone from strength to strength. At the start of the relationship, GeoMax listened to our requirements and helped incorporate subtle changes to the X-PAD operating system, which helped to maintain and grow our on-site efficiency. They have constantly welcomed our input and feedback into the software, which has helped to smooth out any required changes. This year, we upgraded our whole Robotic Total Station fleet from Zoom90 units to the latest Zoom95 units - and the feedback from our surveyors has been exceptional. But we all know that GeoMax will not stand still on this and will still work towards providing even better solutions for us at Greenhatch.

What are your customers looking for from Greenhatch Group for their geospatial surveys?

At Greenhatch Goup, we have always prided ourselves on being able to deliver an efficient and reliable service which provides great confidence to our clients. Our clients require assurance that Greenhatch Group will deliver any survey work to a high standard and within defined timescales. To do this, we need to use equipment that we can rely upon to ensure we can deliver this and with GeoMax we have a partner that gives us this confidence.

What is the biggest driver behind continuing to partner with GeoMax after four years?

Over the course of our relationship, one thing has stood out above all others is the level of communication and service provided. As we have up to 30 survey teams out every day, we need to know that if a problem occurs on site with any of the equipment, then we can get a quick resolution or answer. Quite often, this is sorted within the hour on site - meaning we don’t lose time on site and the client's delivery timescales do not slip. As with any industry or business, when an issue does arise you need to know that this can be resolved as quickly as possible and anybody looking to have this type of relationship with their provider should consider GeoMax.

And, finally, what is next for Greenhatch Group?

At Greenhatch Group we prioritise two things above all others: the client and the employee. We find that if we keep our employees engaged and open to future technologies and methodologies then we naturally end up with happy clients. We are always open to exploring whatever innovative technologies are on the horizon but also see the importance of teaching surveying principles to the upcoming generations of surveyors. Greenhatch Group will continue to offer training at both Derby College and Derby University and has set up an in-house training scheme for further development of all employees. Greenhatch Group will continue to grow and maintain its standing as a leading geospatial surveying bastion.

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