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Technology that makes your life easier

The Zentih60 is a calibration-free tilt GNSS smart antenna with solid results.

Combined with the X-PAD 365 Cloud Platform you can manage your data collection and collaborate with other surveyors and construction professionals knowing that your data is always safe and automatically backed up. 


The 4G LTE module onboard the Zenith60 gives you the certainty of receiving your RTK data. The built-in SATEL TR4+ is an exceptional UHF radio, supporting the most established protocols on the market. With the measurement engine from our trusted partner NovAtel and other Hexagon technologies, Zenith60 is an antenna you can rely on. It also supports all current GNSS systems.

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Smart Antenna

Do you need accurate results without having to invest in expensive and complex equipment?

The Zenith06 smart antenna with X-PAD field software is a simple rover and intuitive field software that eliminate the need for extensive training to produce reliable outcomes. The software has an intuitive workflow, developed side by side with the customer, which allows for quick familiarisation. The maintenance for X-PAD field software comes at no extra cost.

With its compact, lightweight design, the Zenith06 is easy to carry in the field and gentler on your body.



Gets the job done

Providing top-performing technology and an affordable price, the Zenith16 convinces with a remarkable performance ratio.

Experience increased productivity and reduced failure rates thanks to the power of Hexagon’s cutting-edge technology and the partnership with high-quality brands like SATEL and NovAtel.


GeoMax GNSS Antennas - Overview

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