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X-PAD Suite Software

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Cloud Platform

X-PAD 365

One platform, endless services

Frustrated by trying to share your data?

Not having the right data available when and where it is needed? 

Tired of having incomplete or outdated information in the office?

X-PAD 365 Cloud Platfom address all these problems which the construction and surveying industries face every day. It help you to save time, making work more efficient in the field and office.

X-PAD 365 key benefits 


  • Connect to your data anytime, anywhere

  • Data is always complete with the most up to date data available 

  • Data is available on any device all you need to do is log in to your account

  • It is easy to keep track of your hardware and software 

  • Efficient collaboration with co-workers

  • It is compatible with your current equipment and can easily be integration with other software packages

Key Features 


  • Data storage and file exchange

  • Direct connection field to office, field to field

  • Tailored for single users, small, medium and larger surveying and construction companies

  • Set of applications to manage data anywhere and anytime

  • Equipment, software and service registration (assets)

  • Automatic notifications to be always updated

  • Chat applications for integrated real-time communication

  • Backup and Restore X-PAD Ultimate data and settings

  • Management of your and your co-worker’s profiles

  • Virtual Training Academy and support documentation

  • Collaborative Survey for real-time data management

X-PAD 365
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Field Software

X-PAD Ultimate Survey

The essential solution for professional construction surveyors

Are you a surveying professional looking for ease of use and flexibility?

X-PAD Ultimate Survey is the best solution for all design survey, property survey, and layout needs. It combines data collection from all GeoMax instruments and provides you with complete features, data integration, scalability and the latest technology – covering all your needs in the field.

Customise your X-PAD Ultimate Survey solution

X-PAD Ultimate Survey has the right modules and language for construction surveyors. Start your set-up with the main modules and add additional options to customise your solutions to your needs.

Main Modules: 

  • GNSS

  • TPS Manual 

  • Premium 

  • Supper Premium 

Additional Modules: 

  • Robotic TPS

  • Volume 

  • Bathymetry

  • Road 

  • Pic-point

  • X-POLE

  • GIS

  • Locator

  • BIM

  • Build Extension

  • MEP

X-PAD Survey
Do you have questions concerning workflow?
Are you stuck with a task?
Do you just want to discover what X-PAD Ultimate holds?
X-PAD Build

Keep X-PAD at its best - select your service

GeoMax X-PAD software has originally been developed taking your feedback aboard. To ensure that every new software feature is a perfect match with your needs, we regularly exchange with you. Benefit from the latest improvements and have access to all X-PAD Ultimate software releases with our service models.

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X-PAD Ultimate 


This service includes software maintenance and will always come free of charge

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X-PAD Ultimate 


X-PERT gives you access to service packs and major updates. Starting with the activation date of the licence, the first year is free of charge and is included in the purchase of X-PAD Ultimate.

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Office Software

X-PAD Fusion

Connecting the field and the office with one software solution 

X-PAD Fusion is a desktop software integrating geospatial data from TPS, GNSS, scanners and other sensors in a single environment.

Different to other software solutions in the market with X-PAD Fusion we offer our customers one software solution that manages measurements, coordinates, drawings, point clouds and other types of data in ONE platform in a simple and intuitive way. We help you get started immediately with our interactive tutorials that guide you through the whole workflow to create even more ease of use.

X-PAD Fusion

X-PAD Fusion Modules


Image Processing 
GM_X-Photo_Measure targets_1.png

The X-PHOTO Image Processing Modules enable you to process images and generate point clouds and 3D surfaces quickly and accurately. For tasks like measuring a complex building, the modules allow you to process mixed photos, aerial and terrestrial simultaneously, in a single step, to achieve best results in highest quality. The results are fully integrated into the X-PAD Fusion main applications enabling you to create final drawings, maps and surfaces. Specific drawing utilities such as the Solid Orthophoto view and the possibility to select the coordinates in the original photos, ensure to get the most out of the calculated results.


Point Cloud
X_PAD Fusion  PointsCloud02.png

X-SCAN module allows to manage your point clouds data; robust algorithms are able to process point clouds and return the best results considering all the scans as a whole. Several options allow to improve the results according to the specific type of work and target recognition offers another way to have faster and better results. The automatic registration module is an irreplaceable tool that generate the final results with one single click. Orthophoto, cross-sections and surfaces can be generated with very few and intuitive steps.


X_PAD Fusion Topo01.png

X-TOPO module allows to import the measurements from your instruments and have the full control of all the information to verify at any time the quality of your work; it calculates and solves all kinds of surveys, GNSS, total station, digital level and mixed with the least squared algorithms for precise calculation. From topographic points or point clouds it is possible to create 3D models, contour lines, calculate cross-sections and volumes using several methods. Powerful tools and options allow you to customize the final drawings to obtain the best results possible for you customers.



Load and manage IFC files, extract elements for stake-out, and check as-built data with field measurements in the most efficient way.

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Do you want to become an X-PAD Fusion pro?
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