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Field Controllers 

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General features 

  • Hexagon product, internally designed to meet surveying requirements with a patented design

  • Android 12 installed. Hardware compatible with future Android OS upgrades

  • Google Play and Google Mobile Services available

  • Possibility to extend the battery life by limiting the battery charging circuit to 80% maximum

  • Increased operational time

  • Battery exchangeable

  • 2 years warranty 


Screen features 

  • Improved screen resolution (1920x1200) compared to Zenius800 (1208x800)

  • Improved screen readability thanks to improved brightness (500 nits vs 400 nits on Zenius800)

  • Compatibility with Universal stylus USI 2.0

  • Universal stylus still active with blocked touch input 



  • Faster processor compared to Zenius800 (Qualcomm 480 vs Qualcomm 626)

  • Smaller size transistor (8nm vs 14nm)

  • More modern generation (6 vs 3)

  • Better GPU frequency 

  • Higher RAM speed

  • Consumes less power 

  • Improved RAM size (8GB), one of most capable in the market

  • 256GB high speed internal memory (UFS memory) 

  • UFS increases performance compared to eMMC 


Physical keys 

  • 12 customisable hard-keys F1-F12

  • Quick physical buttons for common operations 



  • Upgraded sensors with more precise 3D compass

  • 4 Constellation GNSS module (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo)

  • NavIC and QZSS supported

  • Dual frequency support (L1/L5)

  • Sidewalk-level accuracy 



  • USB-C and regular USB-A ports available

  • Easy access to microSD and nano SIM card from tablet side 

  • Easy access to microSD and SIM card without needing additional tools or pins 



  • 5G modem

  • LTE filter on the Bluetooth antenna to increase Bluetooth range and stability

  • in urban or bad environmental conditions

  • Possibility to fine-tune the modem by disabling LTE bands when necessary

  • Ability to use WiFi and Cellular connection at the same time

  • Improved BT version (5.1 vs 4.2 on Zenius800) • Better range and speed

  • Better energy efficiency


  • Upgraded high quality 32MP auto-focus back camera with dual flash 

  • Upgraded with a high quality 8MP fixed-focus front camera 

  • Camera system optimized for high quality photos for photogrammetric surveying 



  • Upgrade from Corning Gorilla Glass v3 to V5 

  • Increased drop resistance by lowering the glass surface in relation to the edge 

  • Increased drop resistance by adding more rubber surface 

  • Recessed back camera 

  • Increased drop resistance by protecting battery with 2 extra latches 

  • Increased abrasion resistance on the keypad by adopting backside printing 

  • IP rating IP66/IP68. Withstands temporarily immersion under water 

  • Improved IP rating by improving keypad design. No dirt or water can get in between the buttons 

  • Improved IP rating by adopting a new latching mechanism on the battery door 

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The GeoMax Zenius800 field controller uses the latest technology to achieve the high accuracy results and maximum efficiency required for on-site success. BIM and CAD files are quickly uploaded and easily edited. With an IP67 rating the Zenius800 operates reliably despite adverse environmental conditions. The water repellant touchscreen is unaffected by water or dust, making sure it works when you do.

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