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Wigan & Leigh College students are using GeoMax

Global Survey Equipment Ltd are pleased to have successfully delivered arrange of GeoMax survey instruments to Wigan & Leigh College to further bolster the GeoMax range of Total Stations they had previously acquired. This new equipment aims to support the T Levels in Construction (Design, Surveying and Planning) courses available at Wigan & Leigh College .

Working alongside Martin Gilmore on ways to further enhance the colleges current equipment, Global Survey Equipment was able to supply:

  • 3 GeoMax Zoom90 Robotic Total Stations

  • 3 Zenith16 UHF Smart rovers

  • 9 Android Tablets supporting X-PAD Ultimate Field software,

  • Zone 20 Rotating Laser,

  • GeomaxOffice Fusion Software

  • Leica BLK360 Scanner.

The Android Field Controllers running X-PAD Ultimate will allow the students to work in small groups preparing drawings, code lists etc in the classroom. With the flexibility of also having multiple instrument profiles within X-PAD Ultimate, a group can work using either a smart rover or Total Station whilst out carrying out practical lectures, making best use of conventional Zoom35 Pro 2 Man Total Stations, Zoom90 Robotic Total Stations and the Zenith16 UHF GPS Smart rover (which can also be setup using a Base and Rover scenario).

We would like to thank Wigan and Leigh College and University Centre in allowing Global Survey Equipment to work alongside and support them and we look forward to assisting Martin Gilmore in the next academic year for the Technical Training on the survey kit and software purchased.


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