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What's new in Service Pack 1-2022?

Service Pack 1/2022 enhances the X-PAD Ultimate performance with more than 20 improvements in all parts of the software helping X-PAD users to simplify their daily tasks and improve their 3D workflows.

X-PERT users will now benefit from BIM features to import and manage 3D IFC model files. Users can isolate elements and extract data from the model to perform stakeout tasks directly, with no need to prepare the layout data in the office. We have also included the tools that make it possible to compare design with as-built data in the field. Mechanics, electricians and plumbers can now utilize a custom set of commands added to the TPS Robotic module, designed for installation tasks.

With X-PERT, we made improvements to the CAD features such as dynamic visualization of labels to avoid overlapping and always have a readable drawing. The Offset command has been extended with the possibility to create entities in 3D space by defining a vertical offset. To simplify the management of layers, it is now possible to filter data by layer name, hiding all layers that do not match the entered description. Rectangle and Circle commands in Smart Drawing tools have improved, allowing the user to enter the rectangle height and the circle radius without measuring the corresponding point.

With the 4.7.000 release, our X-PERT subscribers will continue to benefit from a sixmonth trial period free of charge when registering and activating an X-PAD 365 Professional or Enterprise account. Further details about X-PAD 365 can be found on our website.

The latest release of X-PAD Office Fusion (5.7.000) includes the possibility to import scans made with Leica RTC360/RTC360 LT laser scanner device. If available, scans can be imported, with their approximate or accurate position.

In addition, scans from the handheld imaging scanner Leica BLK2GO can now be imported from files or directly from the scanner.

With this release, the X-PHOTO module has improved with a new calculation engine that can register images under critical conditions of overlapping or low image quality. The processing of complex or challenging environments data is now faster and more accurate. Find all the details about this Service Pack in the Product Presentation. The new releases will be available on April 26th.

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