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GeoMax X-PAD Ecosystem: Seamless Field-to-Office Solution

X-PAD software. Android compatibility land surveying software for seamless transitions from field to office

The GeoMax X-PAD software stands as a comprehensive solution tailored for land surveyors, civil engineers and construction surveyors. Its exceptional efficiency, affordability and user-friendly interface collectively establish a perfect field-to-office solution.

Simplify Your Workflow

Managing diverse projects and surveyor assignments while efficiently tracking data can be a laborious and stressful task. The X-PAD software revolutionises this process by allowing managers to create job folders with associated plans in the office before dispatching land and construction surveys into the field.

Android compatible

Upon reaching the site, surveyors can effortlessly access the pre-loaded folder on their tablets, equipped with all the necessary plans for the land and construction survey. In case of additional requirements, the office can instantly add missing information to the folder. The beauty of X-PAD lies in its automatic data synchronisation with the X-PAD 365 cloud service, ensuring that all on-site survey data is automatically saved. Even in the event of a tablet malfunction, users can log in to their accounts on a new data controller or any Android device and resume their surveying. This further enhances flexibility in unforeseen situations.


In the field, the workflow for land and construction surveyors has been streamlined. Surveyors can now directly proceed to the site without the need to visit the office, as the job data is loaded onto the controller from the office. On-site, land surveyors can survey boundaries, surfaces and buildings, while construction surveyors can set out steels and utilities based on drawings in X-PAD Ultimate. All survey data is automatically saved, enabling the office to process information, generate reports, add company logos and deliver reports to clients as soon as the survey is completed.

Office software integration

X-PAD Ultimate also seamlessly integrates with a multitude of office software packages, including X-PAD Fusion, SCC and n4ce. The GeoMax X-PAD ecosystem, with its innovative features and cross-device adaptability, enhances efficiency and elevates the overall surveying experience for professionals in the field and the office alike.

GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate Modules

Construction modules 

  • stake out 

  • MEP 

  • BIM

  • Surfaces and volumes 


  • Traverse 

  • Advance coding  

  • Hydrographic 


Download the GeoMax catalogue to explore X-PAD Software and surveying equipment


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