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Surveying experts Encompass Surveys is set for growth with new GeoMax kit

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Glenn Lickman and Steve Hall have successfully circum-navigated the pandemic with theier team of 25 and is now ready for a new phase of growth for the 16-year-old business. What the team needed was a fleet of state-of-the art surveying instruments – the decision to #SwitchToGeoMax was clear.

“We need to maximise what we do using the latest kit. The dynamic, easy-to-use X-PAD software is fit for purpose and future proof with regular software updates. Our communications are greatly improved using the 4G enabled Android tablet - files can be sent immediately and reports for setting out customised ready to send to the customer site manager in a professional way with clearly defined data points. We are already seeing the benefits in our productivity.”

Encompass provides multi-discipline surveying solutions such as topographical, setting out, utility and monitoring supported by their ethos of rapid response, professionalism and project completion every-time. It’s not hard to see why customers like Paulton’s Park, National Trust and The Vistry Group trust the Encompass team to deliver.

“Today, more than ever, we all rely on the strength of our relationships. We have built a reputation that we work to 3 weeks or less to deliver a project. So, it’s key that we have the right people in place with the confidence in our instruments to maintain that reputation. With the GeoMax technical support team on the ground available when we need them, we get exactly that. Working with the technical engineers we have made bespoke software code changes for increased usability and productivity to suit our needs. We genuinely feel valued; like someone has got our back and wants us to succeed.”

Of course, cost is a factor in any business. As Encompass grows, the competitive value GeoMax offers as well as reduced insurance costs with X-Find tracking are welcome additions to the bottom line.

Encompass has a long-standing relationship with GeoMax dealer, Visual-ise run by Tom Button. Glenn and his team rely on his expertise, and professional, reliable service to deliver for their customers every-day.

Encompass now works solely with GeoMax. Their growing fleet of instruments includes 9 x Zoom90 Robotic Total Stations; 5 x Zenith40 Antenna; 8 x GeoMax Traverse Kit; 12 x Zenius800 tablet with X-PAD software.

If you would like to find out how to #SwitchToGeoMax just get in touch.

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