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Specialist rail surveyors Pin Point change gear with GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate software

“It’s not just a step-change in how well we work, but a massive leap!”

Specialist rail surveyors and engineers, Pin Point S&E Ltd, are experts in all areas of railway infrastructure construction, with more than 75 years’ combined experience. Their services, which include setting out, surveying and track monitoring are provided to main contractor and sub-contractor alike. And by tackling the critical and technical aspects of projects, where common issues arise, they keep their client’s projects on track! Whether it be piling works in the track bed or subsidence monitoring of embankments their work and results are needed in real time and often in remote locations, so it's critical that the equipment they use is intuitive, accurate and fast.

“We are increasingly under pressure to send our results, reports and findings accurately and promptly to our customers”, Marc Cox, Director, Pin Point S&E Ltd “We decided to review the technology we used to find out how we could improve the way we worked. The intuitive functionality and ease of use of GeoMax X-PAD ticked all the boxes”.

“Using GeoMax X-PAD has significantly reduced the time wasted on admin, downloading and re-formatting data files. In addition, we receive tailored customer reports from the local technical support team which are excellent.”

GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate software functionality is continuously improved by technical developers who actively listen to the needs of end users to get it right. This impressed Pin Point, as well as the way GeoMax embraces technology to create intuitive software features that are easy to use and save time and money. Features such as software that’s compatible with any smart phone – turning it into a hand-held receiver. Or how the compatibility of the GeoMax Cloud storage has transformed the way that Pin Point export data, eliminating the need for time consuming file transfers or manual exports via USB sticks. Instead the data captured in the field is automatically backed-up into the cloud, requiring no reformatting.

The Zoom90 RTS and X-PAD Ultimate suite includes additional features which further reduce labour-intensive, monotonous work for Marc’s team. The one-man system significantly improves productivity and automated measurement capability, continuously tracking the target once locked on with unmatched Scout-Track-Aim (STReAM360) functionality combined with accXXess EDM technology, and Windows® CE open connectivity. Press ‘go’ and leave the instrument to do its work.

Pin Point has a long-standing relationship with GeoMax dealer, ProGeo Survey run by Doug Cashman. Marc relies on the expertise, the professional and reliable service – just knowing that Doug is always at the end of the phone to answer technical questions gives reassurance when it’s needed. The technical support at GeoMax is second to none for Marc.

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