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Greenhatch Group and GeoMax UK - A Partnership for Growth

“Switching a large operation like ours to a new technology provider is never a quick and easy decision. Two years on, I can honestly say, that we definitely made the right decision in going with GeoMax.”

Greenhatch Group specialises in geospatial surveys across the UK. The Greenhatch surveyors, like all surveyors, rely on state-of-the-art technology to provide precision measurements, the survey of historical monuments and large international mining projects.

In 2018, Greenhatch reviewed its complete portfolio of survey instruments choosing GeoMax as the perfect fit to meet their future business and technical needs. The company ordered 23 Zoom90 Total Stations and 8 Zenith15 GNSS receivers each with X-PAD Ultimate software. It was the start of a successful partnership.

Two years on from the successful integration, Greenhatch has seen year on year growth and development by working with their local specialist GeoMax partner. The flexibility of the Zoom90 Total Stations with two-person instrument or one-person fully robotic total station, integrated with the GNSS receiver, Zenith15, has proven to be the definitive solution for Greenhatch surveyors in the field. Our technical support experts have also provided tailored modifications to the X-PAD software to adapt to the specific needs of Greenhatch with regard to functionality and exporting formats. This work is ongoing to maximise the speed and ease of use in the field.

Greenhatch had previously known the issues of instrument theft well. The global Hexagon stolen register successfully recovered a stolen Zoom90 in the US – a long way from its Derbyshire home. So they were one of the first customers to have the new X-Find system fitted to their Zoom90 Total Stations. X-Find helps to prevent theft and aids recovery when instruments are stolen.

According to Sam Lewis at Greenhatch, it is already proving its worth in also tracking instruments whilst in the field, calling it a “game-changer!”.

Our GeoMax specialist partner, David Price at Survey Max and our technical support team will continue to provide personal service to Robert, Sam and the whole team at Greenhatch Group, working as a dedicated partner to grow the business for many years to come.

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