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GeoMax X-Find Recovers Kit worth £100K

Greenhatch Group were very relieved to have the X-Find tracking device when thieves stole their GeoMax surveying kit by cloning the key to the van. The surveying team had stopped at services after working on a large project in Central London and came back to find the kit gone - along with all the data captured! Following Greenhatch Group protocol, the team had chained the Total Station Zoom 90 to other surveying equipment, meaning both were taken, but both were recovered too.

As soon as the theft was known, Greenhatch and GeoMax leapt into action:

3:30pm: GeoMax Kit stolen and reported to Greenhatch MD, Robert Page

- Robert informs Sam Lewis, Associate at Greenhatch expert in GeoMax brand and tracking devices

- Sam accesses the X-Find Trackimo app & contacts Phil Jarratt, GeoMax Technical Support

- Phil remotely activates the alarm on the Zoom90 using X-FIND

- Police are notified

- Greenhatch HQ start tracking the device, sending details to the Greenhatch survey teams to locate the stolen goods.

- Thieves spooked by the alarm on the device and fear of being found, dump the kit

5:15pm: All the kit, including a laser scanner and personal belongings, were recovered by police and Greenhatch survey teams.

Sam Lewis says “All in all, GeoMax X-Find helped us recover our kit, personal belongings and any survey data left on any of the equipment. This would have had a subsequent effect on the days following the theft delaying our project. In addition, the kit was scheduled on projects for the rest of the week!

Greenhatch is now looking at adding X-PAD 365, with the benefits of data back-up and the management of the fleet of Geomax kit.”

*Note: X-Find is only available in the UK.

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