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GeoMax is committed to the Whole Life Carbon Assessment (WLCA) for the built environment

GeoMax surveying equipment offers a cost-effective solution, complemented by the user-friendly X-PAD software, all aimed at supporting construction professionals and building surveyors in their efforts to minimise their environmental impact.

X-PAD software allows surveyors to significantly influence all five stages of the construction life cycle. Data collected is processed with X-PAD software to give you access to the data throughout the life cycle of a structure.

For example, through accurate data collection during the raw material extraction phase, surveyors can offer invaluable insights into the necessary excavation, thus mitigating errors that lead to unnecessary transportation costs. Conducting a comprehensive site survey at the project's outset ensures accurate setting out, reducing the likelihood of costly rebuilds or alterations during later construction stages.

With X-PAD software, there's no need to revisit the site repeatedly, as it enables the creation of a comprehensive digital twin. Any required adjustments or additional measurements can easily be derived from the existing data, promoting waste reduction and resulting in enhanced energy efficiency.

Moreover, the data stored in your records can be employed at the end of an asset's life to aid in planning for reuse, recycling, and energy recovery.


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