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GeoMax and X-PAD - A Game Changer for MK Surveys in the Milton Keynes Eastern Expansion Project

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MK Surveys have recently been working on the Milton Keynes Eastern Expansion project which is an 1100 acre green field site for 4,600 new homes and 400,000m² of employment space. The topographical survey also incorporated 10km of surrounding highway.

With multiple teams and different types of instrumentation out on site, GeoMax helped us to seamlessly send data from the field back to the office for post processing. Further into the project, we were also required to stake out boundaries, new fencing etc. and GeoMax provided the complete solution for sharing data between users and the office.

On the few occasions when we required technical support, GeoMax were able to instantly help us with the use of TeamViewer quick support and guide us through the issue in real time.

Our decision to use GeoMax was almost entirely down to the X-PAD software. X-PAD is extremely intuitive and user friendly. Our experience with GeoMax is that they are very progressive in their approach to software development, constantly listening to their customers and constantly improving at a rate we simply don’t see with other manufacturers. Also, the fact that X-PAD can run on pretty much any Android device, gives us much more flexibility and choice. The TeamViewer quick support function is a real game changer!

MK Surveys are constantly evolving and investing in new technologies, and we see GeoMax and X-PAD as the backbone of our survey equipment arsenal. We would highly recommend GeoMax to anyone thinking of buying their products and services.

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