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Greenhatch Group and GeoMax UK partnership ensures state-of-the-art surveying in Britain

Christmas has come early for the UK-based Greenhatch surveyors, as the group’s long-standing partnership with GeoMax grows from strength to strength.

With more than 30 years’ experience conducting geospatial surveys for private, commercial and government clients, Greenhatch Group relies on state-of-the-art technology to provide precision measurements for their projects.

“Since we started working with GeoMax in 2018, they have always listened to our requirements and never stopped working towards providing even better solutions for our teams,” says Sam Lewis, survey manager at Greenhatch Group.

Today, Greenhatch Group uses a full suite of GeoMax equipment, which is used daily on projects ranging from residential properties and office blocks to historic castles and an artillery fortress built by Henry VIII.

“Over the course of our relationship, one thing that has stood out above all others is the level of communication and service provided by GeoMax,” says Sam.
“As we have up to 30 survey teams out every day, we need to know that if a problem occurs on site with any of the equipment, then we can get a quick resolution or answer - quite often, this is sorted within the hour on site.”

Greenhatch Group moved on to their third generation of GeoMax equipment this year – with Zenith60 GNSS and Zenith06 GNSS kit also arriving in time for Christmas, which will help their surveyors continue to achieve the high accuracy results and maximum efficiency required for on-site success.

“Greenhatch Group is a pleasure to deal with – fair, communicative and empowered at all levels but with the ability to evaluate and then cascade a decision effectively through the organisation,” says David Price, director at authorised GeoMax distributor, Survey Max Limited.

“They are always open to new ideas; keen adopters of new technology; clear on what they want and what they need to achieve; and demanding – in the right way. We look forward to growing our partnership together at the forefront of geospatial surveying in Britain.”

As one of the UK’s largest employers specialising in geospatial surveys, Greenhatch Group is committed to developing the next generation of surveyors – and, at GeoMax, we look forward to continuing to support their work with innovative and industry-leading surveying equipment.

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