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Find out why GeoMax Zenith16 GNSS with X-PAD software is Intersect Surveys's product choice.

Intersect Surveys have over 20 years’ experience in providing land, underground, utility and engineering surveying services across the UK. Customers rely on the Intersect team to provide an efficient & cost-effective solution to their surveying needs, whatever the challenge.

In 2019, Intersect Surveys reviewed their GPS surveying equipment and made the decision to switch to GeoMax. Since then, they have continually invested and now it is used on all the sites that require data collection; that’s around 80% of the total workload.

We chatted to Alex Shiels, Director at Intersect Surveys to find out why GeoMax Zenith16 GNSS with X-PAD software is their product choice.

How does the GeoMax kit (GeoMax Zenith15 and Zenith16 GNSS) help your teams to be more efficient?

Most of the data collection is done by surveyors with a utility background rather than topographical and they have found the kit very easy to use. The software is clear to understand and provides plenty of information as you’re going along, which helps to identify any issues before you leave the site. The codes and point collection information are very adaptable and can be tailored to the individual needs of the user to fit the desired output of the product.

What was the main reason to move to GeoMax?

A number of hardware and software alternatives are available on the market that would purport to be suitable, but the ease of use along with Visual-ize’s personal approach to customer and tech support are the biggest factors that led me to choose the GeoMax kit. Tom Button, Director of GeoMax dealer, Visual-ize played a big part in the decision.

What’s next for Intersect Surveys?

We’re happy with the products and don’t intend to move to any alternatives and as we grow we will continue to purchase GeoMax kit as required.

What would you say to people thinking of buying GeoMax kit?

I would recommend GeoMax because it is cost effective. It also has a simple user interface which makes it easy for anyone to use the kit. The kit is rugged and reliable which ensures that we can get the job done without any delays. What we really liked about GeoMax in comparison to other companies was the tech support. Whenever we do have a problem we can phone them up and they can log into our controller to troubleshoot and fix the problem. It's refreshing to work with a company which values its customers.

Tom Button from Visual-ize shared his thoughts

Intersect Surveys have been valued customers using GeoMax Zenith16 GNSS equipment and X-PAD software for the last 3 years. Specific X-PAD features have proven extremely useful to the utility surveyors such as Quick Codes with linework and shapes, GIS Features and Notes in X-PAD to add information to points (for instance depths of services, type of service).

We also recommended combining SCC Software which automatically reduces surveyed points to give 3D linework when importing Recorded Depths.

This has been an efficient, reliable combination for Alex and his team dealing with challenging utility surveys.


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