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GEOCAL – Bringing GeoMax to N. Ireland

Geocal is the latest company to join the GeoMax family. Based in N. Ireland just 15 minutes outside Belfast, GEOCAL wanted to offer its customers quality products along with its existing repair & calibration services. Our staff that have been in the industry 25+ years quickly realised that, as GeoMax is part of the Hexagon Group their extensive product range is backed by a support network that is second to none making GEOCAL and GeoMax a perfect match.

In just a short period of time we have seen sales of GeoMax products really take off with our local customers, who love the easy to use quality instruments backed up by GEOCAL support services. The picture below shows some GeoMax lasers getting a final check before being delivered to one customer who has already been bitten by the GeoMax bug!!! 😉

For more information on Geocal visit their website.


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