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New X-PAD 365 cloud platform

GeoMax, a leading provider of quality construction and surveying instruments and software connects its entire X-PAD software portfolio into a cloud-based system providing, integrated applications and services that are accessible anytime, anywhere.​ 

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GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate has been designed with all our customers in mind. 

In this live stream Phil Jarratt will demonstrate different features available in the X-PAD Ultimate that will help you save time and increase your productivity. 

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Customer service

GeoMax dealers offers a very high level of service. From helping you to chose the right equipment for your project to supporting you with any technical issues that might arise in the field or in the office. All our dealers attend regular training sessions and can support you on-site or remotely using Team Viewer directly from the X-PAD software. On top of that we also have a dedicated support desk with videos and step-by-step guidelines to ensure your equipment works when you do. 


GeoMax offers a full suite of surveying instruments at a flexible and affordable price. We offer both buy and hire options to suit your project flow as well as finance solutions to spread the cost. Our products, including  X-PAD software are developed in collaboration with end users, aimed at increasing productivity that “works when you do”  saving you time and money.  


GeoMax's surveying and construction portfolio is known for its in-field robustness and ease of use from: total stations, state-of-the-art X-PAD Ultimate and Fusion software, GNSS instruments, rotating and layout lasers, optical and digital levels. 

The superior design quality and functionality enables us to deliver products that “works when you do”, irrespective of weather, location or task.


Zenith16 & Zenius800

Are precise measurements paramount to your project? 


GeoMax Zenith16 GNSS receiver combined with Zenius800 field controller uses the latest technology to achieve the high accuracy results and maximum efficiency required for on-site success. BIM and CAD files are quickly uploaded and easily edited. 

X-PAD 365


  • GeoMax products are designed by and chosen by end users 

  • One-man surveys and superior accuracy 


  • Easy to use - with a quick demo you’re ready to go


  • Leading edge technology saving you time in the field 


  • Automatic data downloads for fast, accurate reporting


  • GeoMax technical support is just a call away - when you need it 


  • Dedicated online platform with tutorials, videos, customer forum 


  • TeamViewer demonstrations in the field, over the phone 


  • Continuous improvements for next generation functionality

What's New? 

“As a customer for almost 10 years the team provide an outstanding level
of service, very knowledgeable and highly experienced staff. Well stocked, consumables and hire equipment all available nationwide.” 

Aero Surveying

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